Mirrabooka Mechanical & Tyres are pleased to offer our valued clients the use of our free courtesy car when your vehicle is being serviced by our team. Below is a copy of our Terms & Conditions of use of our vehicle.

Terms & Conditions of use:

I, __________________________ agree and accept the terms and conditions set out below.

Insurance & Excess

  1. While one of our vehicles is loaned to you, you acknowledge that you acquire no rights of ownership in the vehicle which at all times remains the property of the Mirrabooka Mechanical & Tyres Pty Ltd.
  2. The vehicle is insured by An Insurance Company that will in some circumstances cover loss and/or damage to the vehicle (you agree to make your own inquiries as to the extent of cover and if required to arrange your own alternative insurance cover in respect of the vehicle).
  3. An excess of $1,000.00 will apply for each and every claim made.
  4. You are responsible for paying the excess or for any damage to or replacement of the vehicle (including compensation for loss of use of the vehicle) to the extent the policy of insurance does not provide and/or cover any driver of the vehicle or any loss and/or damage suffered.
  5. You agree to provide all assistance as required by the Trader and/or its insurers and to follow all lawful instructions given to you by the Trader and/or the insurer.
  6. In the event of an accident you will:
    1. Not admit liability under any circumstance.
    2. Obtain the name of the third party.
    3. Obtain the address & contact phone number of the third party.
    4. Obtain registration plate and description of the third party vehicle.

Loan Vehicle Conditions

  1. The vehicle shall not be driven by anyone other than the driver named on this form and is not driven further than 100kms from Mirrabooka Mechanical and Tyres at 29 Yirrigan Drive, Mirrabooka, WA, 6061.
  2. The vehicle will not be driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. All running expenses (including fuel) will be supplied by myself.
  4. No smoking or animals within the vehicle.
  5. I agree to accept responsibility for the full costs of repair and/or replacement of the vehicle except to the extent an insurer reimburses and /or makes payment to the Mirrabooka Mechanical and Tyres in respect of such losses (which can include consequential and indirect losses such as for the loss of use of the vehicle).
  6. If any traffic infringement/ council fines/ tolls are incurred whilst the vehicle is in my possession. I acknowledge I will be liable to pay the total cost of such charges plus a $20 administration fee.
  7. I agree that I will be charged a one off $50 cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned in an unclean condition.
  8. Any damages that have occurred to the vehicle MUST be reported to the store as soon as possible.
  9. I agree to return the vehicle when requested to and I will return the vehicle in the same condition as it was when loaned to me.
  10. The vehicle must be parked and stored securely.


  • I agree to accept and observe all conditions mentioned in this document
  • My licence is current and I am not disqualified or suspended
  • My licence is of the correct class and endorsement for this vehicle